Historian Sherene Seikaly Wins Plous Award

Congratulations to historian Sherene Seikaly, who has received the 2016-17 Harold J. Plous Award, which is given annually to an exceptional assistant professor from the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences. Seikaly describes herself as “a historian of capitalism, consumption and development in the modern Middle East,” and she recently organized the four-day international conference “After Tahrir” to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the 2011 Tahrir Square Uprisings in Cairo. In 2015, the Stanford University Press published her book on British-ruled Palestine, “Men of Capital: Scarcity and Economy in Mandate Palestine.” Seikaly said of the Plous Award that she is “honored and humbled to be counted among such an accomplished group of people at UCSB.” She will be showcasing her research next spring when she delivers the annual Plous Lecture.

News Date: 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016